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The International Centre For Integrative Emotional Therapy is a Company Limited by Guarantee registered in England no: 05716319
and registered Charity no 1126692


Fr Leonhard Kofler
Miss Thalia Slinn
Fr Wijnand Huijs
Sr Mary Goretty Ochieng

We have been doing this work for 12 years.  We are international, over 650 people have completed a seven day workshop and include men and women in leadership positions from over 70 countries worldwide.

We offer:

  • Workshops, individual sessions and training.
  • Foster an holistic and integrative approach.
  • Respect all aspects of the individual – physical, emotional and spiritual.

Our main therapists and trainers are:
Len Kofler MHM D.Soc., D.D., Ph.D. Psychotherapist/Trainer/Supervisor, SHEN Therapist, EQ Development Therapist/Trainer/Supervisor;
Thalia Slinn I.M.A Cert., Dip Counselling, SHEN Therapy, EQ Development Therapist/Trainer/Supervisor;

What we do:

  • Offer courses, workshops, individual sessions and training in EQ development Therapy.

EQ Therapy  reaches the places that other therapies don’t reach!

Our training centre is based in Cliftonville, part of the coastal town of Margate in the South East of England. We are only a couple of minutes’ walk from the seafront with its beautiful sandy beaches and amazing sunsets – made famous by the artist Turner. In fact, the new Turner Contemporary Gallery, opened recently and is only 10 minutes away from the Centre. We are 1.5 kilometres away from Margate station with its highspeed train links to St Pancras, London. The pretty coastal towns of Broadstairs (Dickens’ Bleak House) and Ramsgate (Royal harbour) are nearby.


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