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Can EQ Bodywork Therapy help me?
Yes, it can help you with confidence building, managing your emotions when they arise and the impact of others emotions on you.  It will nurture yourself esteem, help you with your relationships at home, work and play.  It is good for teambuilding and moving forward in your life.

Do I have to undress for bodywork? 
No, the only clothing you remove are your shoes and heavy outdoor clothing.  We work with people fully clothed.  However, it is more comfortable to wear loose fitting rather than tight fitting clothes.

How long does the session take? 
Approximately one 1 to 1 1/4 hours.

Will the practitioner manipulate or massage my body? 
The practitioner will place their hands gently on your body; or just above your body there is no manipulation or massage.

Can I have EQ bodywork while I am having other treatment and medication? 
Yes, EQ bodywork goes well with other therapies and can complement and enhance them.  However, you should consult those providing other treatment or medication and get their permission.

If I am having counselling or psychotherapy could I have EQ bodywork? 
Yes, EQ bodywork works very well with psychotherapy and counselling, especially if the client is stuck.  It can greatly help them to move on in the process.  You will need to consult your psychotherapist or counsellor regarding taking up EQ bodywork.  It is not meant to replace psychotherapy or counselling.

Do I need to have some sickness or psychological problem to benefit from EQ therapy bodywork? 
No, we all have areas we would like to grow in, situations where we would like to feel more comfortable, areas we would like to integrate more.  Maybe we would like to be more relaxed, or there are people in our lives or situations we would like to handle better.  Maybe we just want to understand and deepen our relationship with self and others, or enhance our personal development and integration.

Is it suitable for any age? 
Yes, EQ bodywork can benefit any age from the newborn to the elderly and even the dying.

Do I have to tell the story of my life and share my inner secrets? 
No, it is not essential to share anything you prefer not to.  EQ bodywork works with the emotions, if you are able to share and describe your emotions this will help the practitioner with

their work for you.  However, it is not 100% essential.  We ask each client to fill in a form with regard to their history.  The more information on what has happened to you, events in your life, and the emotions triggered in the past and currently, help the practitioner in their work.  However it is not psychotherapy or counselling, and the practitioner does not need to know all the details of the story.  You share what you feel comfortable to share.

Do I need to have a belief to benefit from EQ bodywork therapy?  
No, EQ bodywork therapy works of its own, you do not need to believe anything, it is not faith healing or channelling and anybody can do this work.

How does this therapy work?  
We work with the flows of the body which go up the right side and down the left. Flows also rise with the emotional centres. We use the power in our hands, which everyone has.  The practitioner puts the flows in their hands adjacent to the flows of the client thereby increasing the strength of the flows which assists the freeing of blockages.  It is not channelling as we neither put anything into the client nor take anything out of the client. The practitioner facilitates the client's own process of freeing trapped emotions.

Can I start doing this work once I've had a few sessions? 
There are a few things you can do to help yourself but you cannot start working on other people without a professional training.  This is delicate and sensitive work and would be unethical without proper training.  For those already professionally qualified in another therapy, there is the possibility of a fast track training.

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