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The power of EQ bodywork therapy is that it goes straight to the place where the emotions are felt and held in the body.

After a brief interview, once you have been accepted for sessions, you lie down on the cradle, fully clothed except for your shoes.  We work with the bio-field which consists of electro-magnetic flows of energy that permeate the body. The practitioner will place their hands lightly on your body or just above and below in precise
predetermined positions which are adjusted for your specific needs.  There is no massage or manipulation.  The practitioner uses qi (ch’i) from their hands to release the trapped painful emotions.  We all have this same energy and can learn to use it for ourselves and others.


EQ therapy bodywork helps you to gently get in touch with these repressed emotions feel them and allow them to release.  The sessions are carried out in relaxed silence as we feel the emotions, rather than express the emotions.  You may feel tingling heat or chill and/or memories and/or feelings which gently come to the surface.  As the feelings are deeply felt (sometimes people are not even aware of feeling them) they are released and our lives change and we become freer and thereby more fully who we are meant to be.

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