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Testimonials on EQ Bodywork
Written by people from over 40 different nationalities

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Comments: Experiences and Feedback 2011
I recommend the EQ development workshop without reservation to anyone with a serious mind about quality for his personal and inner life in the face of the challenging projects of an active life. The workshop has helped me in large measure to come to peace with myself, with an insight leading to positive approach in the field of human emotions.  For those who have peculiar or particular difficulties in their personal living, the workshop exercises can help them unlock, face and get to terms with that.  For most people it helps to enhance and enrich his/her personal experience of life.  The staff/personnel of this EQ workshop form a wonderful team, competent and open to participants, while they cooperate effectively among themselves.  What a wonderful family in the Institute given the opportunity I would love to return for another session in the EQ workshop.  I shall also recommend the same to friends and colleagues. OA University lecturer.
It gave my body a chance to make itself heard and felt and accepted.  This gives another dimensional to self-awareness. HM
I would definitely recommend EQ bodywork.  It helps us to become more aware of ourselves unlock emotions in order to make us become more fully alive.  A great healer.  HC
EQ bodywork has helped me to confront my fears and anxieties and to gently let them go.  I will encourage others to give it a try. EF.
I would certainly recommend EQ bodywork is has helped me to relax and I feel much healthier and in better form.  I did not think anything was happening for me but when I look back it has certainly helped me.  It is not intrusive it will certainly help you and it will not harm you in any way.  I am really glad I did it and I intend to continue with it. KM
I would recommend EQ bodywork come and get in touch with your inner self in a safe atmosphere.  It has helped me to relax and get in touch with the need for care of self.  I was sceptical about it, once approached with an open mind, the benefits were good. MM
EQ bodywork has an amazing effect on the body mechanisms that allows the body to respond in a certain way it is healing.  When I first came I had terrible ulcers not anymore.  I was not aware of suppressed emotions bodywork unlocked them.  I personally found it very amazing.  I will have to find a way of continuing with it. NC
EQ bodywork is a very good way to understand yourself deeper it is a moment of healing.  It helps to heal past painful memories.  CY.
I recommend EQ bodywork to everyone, especially if you wish to work with feelings and emotions and it brings healing.  It helped me to be aware and to work with my feelings, especially those suppressed.  HG
Come and see, take a risk, you will not regret it.  EQ bodywork can help to get in touch with your whole body it helps to recognise pains and emotions hidden in our body.  For a long time I was not connected with my body, with my emotions and feelings.  This process helped me to find sources of my feelings behaviours and then healthy way to express them. MA
EQ bodywork helps one to first relax the body and mind and then to get in touch with one's emotions and feelings and memories both good and painful.  EQ bodywork helped me to get in touch with my childhood memories.  These were indeed the root cause of my anger.
EQ bodywork was a wonderful and amazing experience on how our body speak.  You don't need words, your buried memories and emotions just surface in your body.  It is a healing therapy.  EQ bodywork was a tremendous learning/healing/growth in my process.  Now I am emotionally literate knowing and loving myself better and sharing this love with others too.  Thank you.  I wish that I will have another opportunity. GE.
I will recommend the EQ bodywork to people.  I will start by telling them how complex the human body is.  This means that we can be unaware of some issues in our lives.  It has helped me to be in touch with my own emotions and feeling, it has helped me to process them since I realise how unhealthy they were to me and to others.  Thank you.  It was great.
I will highly recommend without hesitation EQ bodywork.  It helps to become more aware of one's emotions/feeling, release them and be free of emotional wounds.  This assures growth in emotional intelligence, bringing one to make healthy use of one's emotions.  EQ bodywork has helped me increase my emotional intelligence and self-knowledge.  Through it my childhood/adulthood repressed emotions were brought to the surface released and I feel freed.  Myself confidence and self-esteem were enhanced.  I wish to continue to help myself through EQ bodywork. CO


Those who are engaged in these sessions work respecting the dignity of each person.  When I am open to the process the results are powerful and effective.  It has helped me to be aware of my feelings and behaviours and to recognise projection/transferences.  Some may find they do not feel anything, but gradually they will respond to the inner changes that will take place in them. FK.
I would recommend EQ bodywork.  It has helped me to go through my process of childhood experiences, has assisted me to release my emotional energy such as anger, fear, and anxiety.  It helped me to be healed of physical pains I used to suffer from before beginning this work.  Numbness and pains I had in operated parts of my body have been healed.  It helped to bring harmony in my body, the physical and psyche becomes united.
EQ bodywork has helped me to become aware of my emotions, feelings and behaviour patterns through this work.  I am enabled to cope with them. MJ
I would certainly recommend EQ bodywork to you as this will help you to become more aware of your emotions and past memories and you will be able to process them.  The body relaxes and allows you to feel the emotions as they come.  Some emotions are like poison in our bodies and the EQ bodywork helps to get rid of this poison and stay with a free and healthy body.  It helps to heal some hurts and wounds from the past so we can live a liberated life.  EQ bodywork has helped me to be in touch with my own body.  I have been made aware certain emotions and memories which I would not have become aware of except through bodywork, I found out I had been suppressing emotions in the past and did not process them.  I feel much freer.  EQ bodywork makes it possible for you to listen to your body, your body has some stories to tell, but we often do not have the opportunity to let it talk.  I really had a wonderful experience listening to my body.MTS.
EQ Bodywork has helped me.  Physically I could not wear shoes, now I put them on comfortably.  My waist was paining now I am okay.  My body was heavy but now I am lighter.  Bodywork has helped me to come in contact with my feelings and emotions and memories which have helped me to know who I am.  EQ bodywork is curative. TB
EQ bodywork is good.  It helps the individuals to be in touch with the self.  EQ Bodywork releases and heals emotional blocks and pains.  It helped me to be in touch with my inner self and past.  I also experienced physical healing of illness and body disorders through the bodywork. TLA
EQ Bodywork helped me to unlock emotions and memories and continues to do so. It can help people unlock feelings and tensions they have stored up in the body and feel freer, healthier and happier.

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Comments: Experiences and Feedback 2010

I am grateful that the EQ bodywork assisted me to get in touch with my past memories, which helped me to understand myself.  It is a really powerful tool healing past and present hurts in life.  I felt happy and grateful that I had the chance of knowing EQ bodywork, and that it has helped me to feel free at heart. CB. 

The EQ bodywork, is an efficient tool to heal repressed emotions in the body.  I really experienced much healing of grief hurt anger, anxiety and forgiveness in my body. S.

My experience of the EQ bodywork is wonderful.  It made me feel whole again united in mind and body.  All the aches pain and unhelpful feelings disappeared.  I strongly recommend it to everyone.  It is worthwhile experience. Anon.

EQ bodywork has helped me to get in touch with many past memories, which have helped me to know the root cause of my fears and to find the way of dealing with my fears constructively.  Through EQ bodywork, I have become more aware of my body and its dynamics.  Also how emotions have affected my body and my personality as a whole. OM.

Bodywork has been a very powerful tool from which I have gained many insights into the past.  I am more aware of my feelings, and how they affect my body.  I will never forget this experience that has helped me so much. MD.

When I came to EQ bodywork.  I just decided to be open to it, in my attitude of trusting to my great surprise, memories I have forgotten over the years all came up from the it was like yesterday bodywork connected me with painful memories.  Through EQ bodywork the memory that came to me was the picture of how I looked so frightened, timid, shy and hurting, the pain and anger.  As I looked at this picture I started laughing, and I'm happy and grateful to God for this transformation.  I feel very confident about myself and felt happy with this inner joy that comes from inside me and I feel satisfied and grateful.  Now, memories are coming that are happy and joyful and the laughter travels around my entire body.  It is wonderful for me to break through. JA.

EQ bodywork helped me to become in touch with my feelings, my emotions, with myself.  EQ bodywork is a healing therapy.  I feel much more at home with myself.  EQ bodywork has helped me to accept, and to love who I am. CN.

I will recommend EQ bodywork to anybody.  Today it is very much needed from the beginning of our life we have accumulated/acquired many negative emotions and all of them need to be released.  EQ bodywork is an easy method to release all these. Tensions are released, headache has gone.  Negative emotions have gone away from the body, and I feel more relaxed, released and more energy in me.  This way EQ bodywork has helped me.  I will say to others, EQ bodywork is a very, very helpful session, take part in it.  JM.

EQ bodywork is a rare opportunity, one can get.  It is relaxing and curative of negative emotions trapped in the body.  It has helped me to pay attention to my dreams.  They say something about my emotions.  It has helped control the intense anxiety, I used to have.  I feel empowered to face challenges in my life with confidence and hope.  EQ bodywork will help you to come to terms with your emotions and name them.  This will be the beginning of your road to healing of your wounded emotions.  I wish to encourage others to try it for it will do them good.  P.

Yes, I 100% recommend the EQ bodywork, because it is healing, liberating, refreshing, energising.  It connects the past with the present and helps me launch into the future with hope and faith.  It is also spiritual.  It will help others if they just relax and allow themselves to go into the process, because it is therapeutic, if they allow themselves to let go, just be, then they will want more EQ bodywork.  I will tell others to relax for EQ bodywork is a wonderful robe every human being should buy and wear and give to others as a present.  My hope to propagate it in my country.  A 0.

EQ bodywork is a unique and beautiful experience, where through the gentle yet powerful touch of the other I come in touch with my deep down emotions, and it is the process of letting go and accepting.  It has helped me a lot to be in touch with my own emotions, specially the anger, sadness, anxiety and helplessness.  It has helped me to be more free and more light.  I think we will lead me to have a lot of self-care and respect for my being as I experienced the change in me.  I feel more affirmed that it is a powerful process, which touches the lives of persons.  SK.

EQ bodywork has helped me to get in touch with my emotions which I was not aware of.  It has helped me identify the sources of these emotions, that is to trace back coincidences and life experiences that triggers my emotions, how I reacted then, and dealt with similar experiences  later in life.  Why certain emotions have become descriptive behaviours or character of me.  It has helped me experience pain and healing.  I am really born, and a new person.  I believe and am convinced that EQ bodywork will help people to get in touch with their deepest self, which is not usually easy to deal with.  In regards to emotions.  It helps people to understand other people from different perspectives.  I will share my own experience and persuade others to try it. I am convinced that if they try i, they would like to continue and get more.  I wish that more people would have such a privilege of getting EQ bodywork.  BA.

EQ bodywork has helped me to release my anger, fear, anxiety, sadness.  I feel lighter, now, and I know now, how emotions can damage my relationships.  I had fear of EQ bodywork I was also anxious about it, but after my first day I felt very good fear disappeared.  It was wonderful.  There is nothing to be afraid of.  KB.

EQ bodywork has helped me to overcome the fear that has dominated my life.  Fear of looking at myself in the mirror and looking at other people directly in the eye.  It helped many others to rediscover themselves and understand more how they feel about themselves and other people.  PK.

EQ bodywork, helps us to become aware of our emotions, which are doors to knowing our true self.  I became more aware of my deepest and central emotions which have shaped my personality and my way of dealing with others.  If I see anyone have fear about it, I would emphasise the professionality of this work, together with the effect of it.  AK.

Certainly, I recommend EQ bodywork, which is powerful therapy to deal with past painful feelings and experiences.  These feelings we can be removed and can be filled with peace and happiness.  There is no harm going through this process.  It helps to resolve the unresolved emotions and helps to improve in our relationships.  VB.

I will recommend EQ bodywork, and I have already done this.  It is good for releasing the body of ill emotion.  It has helped me by releasing so much of accumulated emotions and feelings that come to me as a result of ugly events, accidents, war, difficult working conditions. Consciously and unconsciously these emotions and feelings were released from the body, making me feel lighter.  EQ bodywork is great.  Try it and give it a chance.  If you feel afraid "Experience is a good teacher" therefore allow yourself to have an experience and your fear will be cleared as mine did. BH.

I would certainly recommend EQ bodywork.  It is a great help for those who are out of touch with their emotions.  It puts us in close contact with the repressed emotions that have burdened us over the years even to the extent of interrupting our self-expression.  We experience these emotions and learn to be friend them, to allow us to become more integrated.  EQ bodywork has helped me be more relaxed and at ease with my emotions.  I got in touch with my feelings, and they were able to surface, and there was a genuine sense of relief and peace after the emotions have dissipated.EQ bodywork will help people to be more integrated and be able to deal with painful emotions to be more in tune with their emotions.  They will not feel crippled by them, but harness the energy in a positive way.  EQ bodywork is very safe.  You will not be harmed or get injured, painful experiences and emotions may surface but these will eventually disappear as part of the healing process as you come to terms with them. IF.

EQ bodywork is gentle, yet powerful therapy.  It has assisted me to relax and deal with past emotions.  It will help people with blocks in their life to gently work through these.AR.

EQ Bodywork, takes the healing process of our emotions.  Thus allowing us to be free and allowing us to experience the redeeming actions of God.  EQ bodywork has helped me to befriend my emotions.  Now I am no longer afraid to face them.  I have learned to manage emotions constructively and been encouraged to take responsibility for my actions.  I have learnt to be more sensitive to the feelings of others and become aware that I'm gifted with the healing power of God through my hands, that I can use them to take care of myself and others in my ministry.LR.

I would recommend EQ bodywork.  It helps us to relax our body and helps us to deal with the past emotions.  It also helps us to release certain physical pains in our body. It goes straight to the place where the emotions are felt in the body.  It helped me to identify my own emotions and feelings, which I never identified in my body.  I feel my body is very relaxed, and very light. I feel it very much helped others because I myself experienced this  I am very much grateful to you for providing this EQ bodywork. SM.

Try the EQ bodywork.  I tried it and found it very helpful, in removing emotions trapped in people, emotions from past experiences.  If these emotions are removed people can do and say things in ways which would have positive rather than negative impact on our relationships with others.  EQ bodywork can also take away some physical pain in our bodies or help us accept and cope with some physical conditions which are painful.  EQ bodywork has helped to release some emotions which were trapped in me, improve my relationship with others and largely reduce some physical pains, I had in different parts of my body.  I am happier than before and hope the process will continue.  What cannot change, I can accept and entrust to God to help me cope with it.  NM.

EQ bodywork is a powerful therapy.  It helps us to deal with our emotions in a gentle and powerful way that integrates our whole being; body mind and spirit.  It has helped me to relax to link my past experience to the present, to get in touch with my underneath feelings, which I denied.  It creates a close bond in the community.  I would say to others.  Don't be afraid.  Try EQ bodywork, and you will like it.  Be open to the process and you will experience the power of healing.  Just experience it and see how it works for your own growth.  Fantastic!  AH.

Bodywork is a great opportunity for reconciliation with yourself and with others with significant experiences it cures our emotional wounds.  It helped me to integrate significant experiences of my life and to be more aware of my feelings. LC.

EQ bodywork is very helpful.  It is a gentle yet powerful therapy.  It helps me to relax and have peace within and deals with the past emotions that I hold in my body and cripple my life from growing better.It helped me to become aware of my emotions.  I gained deep insight into my earliest childhood, which changed my understanding of the present situation.  I have better relationships with others and myself.  I found it too painful to express or talk about my feelings and emotions in my life.  EQ bodywork therapy, freed me to talk about it.  I achieved new things in my life to rearrange my life journey.  I found peace, relaxation and I am a more integrated person.  I would invite and encourage people, telling them EQ bodywork can help us act differently to the way we have done in the past and others will notice and comment on the change in us.  EQ bodywork is very challenging and useful.  Thanks for these wonderful sessions, you arranged for us. BS.

EQ bodywork is non-invasive, only brings good, and uses natural body energy to bring release to your body.  It has released me from a lot of fear and trauma, which goes right back in my history.  It will help all in different ways. JD.

EQ bodywork has helped me in coming in touch with my feelings of anger and grief.  It has helped me learn to let go and allow myself to feel and experience those feelings.  I have also learnt that our bodies can teach us a lot and we hold a lot of feelings and tensions in our bodies.  I was quite anxious as to what it was all about, and a bit uncomfortable in the beginning.  There is no need of fear come with an open mind and let the experience of EQ bodywork speak for itself! GF.

EQ bodywork will give you the opportunity to discover something within you.  EQ bodywork makes you touch your true feelings which are hidden in your body and let them go.  It is a wonderful and beautiful spiritual exercise.  It has helped me to know how to integrate myself and be present for others in the moment gently.  In daily life, we can apply it when we are tense and feel uncomfortable in the body. CA.

I would recommend EQ bodywork.  It is a powerful therapy, which is a gentle way, it helps us to become aware of the blocks we have in our body and enables us to release these blocks and to become free persons.  It helps us to become integrated persons in body mind and spirit.  A friend died in a bad accident.  I was helped to be aware of these intense emotions and release them at the end I was able to accept the reality of their death with peace and serenity.  I was able to link the process with other emotions I was dealing with at a much deeper level.  It helps us to relate at a much deeper, and healthier level.  It helps us to enter into a process of integration of body mind and spirit.  It helps us to become aware of the pains that are caused by these blocked up emotions.  It is not a harsh therapy and it will really enable us to become free persons and to move on in life with greater self-confidence.  By giving and receiving the therapy, I was energised and rejuvenated. RP.

EQ bodywork, helps us to lead a healthy life.  It helps to release ones hidden emotions, helping the person in body mind and spirit.  In life, often people go through trauma and painful experiences once in awhile.  Some of the emotions are locked in the body.  EQ bodywork facilitates us to meet the blocks and helps us to unlock all the hidden emotions.  I felt so relieved from the heavy burden I was carrying in me for many years.  I am free and confident now.  I feel happy and relate to others in a constructive way. RC.

EQ bodywork helps you to discover who you are, to own, to integrate your “self” and to be “you” with confidence and joy.  EQ bodywork helped me to discover and bring to consciousness.  The hidden parts of myself, I discovered many layers of emotions.  I even found the feelings buried deep in young consciousness, that I had believed that I had never experienced such feelings.  I've now been able to get in touch with many of my emotions regardless of how painful they are, and I can feel the peace underneath the pain. MD.

I would recommend EQ bodywork as a natural healing therapy.  It helps one to become what God wants you to be.  Most of the time, our bodies are inhibited with negative feelings from the past and all kinds of shocks and stresses.  EQ bodywork helps to clear these negative feelings.  This helps us to unite our present with our subconscious and spiritual self.  I was helped to get in touch with my past feelings and painful experiences that I have gone through.  There was a moment of challenge for me, but now I'm open to let go of the feeling.  Now I feel I am grounded in these feelings positively.  This will help in my relationships to myself and others and in my ministry as well.  Once these feelings are more or less gone.  It helps us to live authentically where ever we are.  CB.

EQ bodywork is very good to help us deal with our emotions.  It brings healing to our bodies before EQ bodywork, my body was paining and I was feeling very heavy.  After the bodywork, I feel very good and relaxed.  It helped me to get in touch with the past. GN.

EQ bodywork is very good and helpful.  It helps us to heal our wounded bodies (emotions).  It helps us to be in touch with ourselves.  It helps me deal with my emotions from the past.  I feel very relieved from some of my feelings, like anger and sadness.  It renewed my life.  It helps me to handle my emotions well. RL.

EQ bodywork is a worthy program and a powerful therapy to experience our bodies emotions and pain.  It helped me to heal my past painful experiences.  It made me let go and my body became lighter.  I was aware of a kind of new life, peace and joy within.  It gave me a lot of hope for my future life. KT.

The sessions of EQ bodywork, have really helped me and I recommend the workshop to more and to spread it to others.  It has helped me on my way.  Most of my emotions and feelings I had before I have been released.  I have come to be light, not heavy with emotion as I came with but to joy, freedom, loving, satisfied and trusting.  I would like to thank you for this bodywork.  It was good and helpful to me and others to discover more our way of life we are living. VM.

I would recommend EQ bodywork to any person.  There is nothing to be afraid of.  A person feels relieved of suppressed emotions which are often the cause of many aches and pains in the body and feeling of heaviness in mind and heart and one experiences healing in body and spirit.  It was a unique experience for me.  I feel quite relaxed, light in body and mind.  I have recognised the hidden and unnoticed power in me to heal myself and others by my healing touch.  It is very useful in our pastoral ministry.  I'm quite happy about it and do appreciate it and thank all who helped us.  Somehow or other, sometime or other, everyone suffers from suppressed emotions bodywork helps to flush out all the blocked emotions which cause a lot of pain and physical and mental suffering.  Once you go through it, anyone will be more eager to learn more about it in order to use this method of healing for oneself and others. KV.

EQ bodywork is a gentle touch and very powerful.  It is natural flows of energy in the body.  This therapy assists us to relax and deal with the past emotions that we hold in our bodies which very often make our lives miserable and despair.  So EQ bodywork is very helpful for us to unlock the blocks of past emotions and make our lives beautiful.  EQ bodywork is helping to release my past emotions, by making me aware of my past feelings and help me to let go.  Especially I have experienced how to listen.  What is going on in my body like sensation, pains, memory etc. allowing it to develop.  At the end of the EQ bodywork, I felt lighter and happy, I felt I received a new life. B.

It is a wonderful therapy, you will enjoy I recommend EQ bodywork as a necessary process to good health.  It is experiencing death of your emotional blocks to the resurrection of your true self that had been enslaved by the emotions.  Come and you will never regret it.  It has helped me to be aware of some of my emotions that I had never imagined.  It helped me to finish with my ‘unfinished business’.  It has helped me to improve upon my prayer life by knowing myself better.  It is harmless physically, spiritually and emotionally.  A peaceful healing from emotions.  It is the healing touch of Christ through the hands..KC.

I would recommend EQ bodywork to others.  My own experience of the bodywork, made me to trust others and be confident of who really I am EQ bodywork helped me to know the blocks that prevent me from being who I am.  I discovered the blocks that prevented me from being stable, and to use my potential.  My own experience of the EQ bodywork is totally personal.  This exercise can help one to get in touch with who you are.  It helps also to get in touch with the emotions. BC.

It was a very relaxing and refreshing experience for me. TP.

I would recommend EQ bodywork.  It is very effective in bringing out one's emotions and feelings, making one feel relieved and free from blocks and become a transformed person.  EQ bodywork has helped me to improve my emotional health and relaxing of my body.  It helped to lift my emotions to the surface and deal with the stress.  It has helped me reduce my physical pain, EQ bodywork is energy work.  It can help us to improve our emotional health, become better persons.  One week of bodywork has been very effective I am grateful to you for arranging this EQ bodywork. MT.

EQ bodywork helps to release many unwanted emotions from our bodies and enables us to integrate our whole being with the Lord.  We feel a transformation and a feeling of relaxation.  I have been touched with my negative emotions in me.  It helps me to grow in more relationship with God and one another.  I feel more energetic and light.  I feel good awareness of my own emotions and live better.  I enjoyed the bodywork, it has helped me a lot I would encourage people to go for EQ bodywork speaking from my own experience.  Thank you so much it was an excellent service.  I witnessed my life, something which has touched me to change my life. AK.

EQ bodywork brings a lot of healing to our body, helping to release the unsettled emotions and help us to integrate ourselves.  It is my personal experience, EQ bodywork has healed me from many unsettled emotions.  I feel relieved.  I gained a lot of confidence.  It was a wonderful experience for me.  I had fears and I found my fears were unnecessary and EQ bodywork is really so effective. DJ.

I would recommend EQ bodywork, saying it helps our body to release tensions and pains and be at peace with oneself.  It is recommended highly to others. VA.

EQ bodywork this is a very good experience, it helped me to go back and get in touch with the feelings that I repressed.  I had to face them.  I have fears about the next EQ bodywork, because it is very demanding but I would like to try again.  You have to take the risks, if you want to be healed. AM.

EQ bodywork is a powerful therapy and helps us to go deeper, and to identify in our life the emotions which we need to work through, choosing the best life for ourselves and for the others.  It facilitates us also to develop and integrate all the human and spiritual dimensions of our life.  EQ bodywork helped me to be more in touch with my emotions and to learn how to deal with them in my life.  It helps me to restore myself to become lighter younger and to find peace in my life.  I found it to be a wonderful experience, enriching, helpful and peaceful.  I would like to express my deepest gratitude. JD.

I would highly recommend EQ bodywork, because it helps to unearth all buried emotions, and to get rid of all negative emotional feelings of fear and anger, sadness, aches and pains of all kinds and to gain confidence, energy, emotionally balance, healthy and strong.  The exercise is easy, relaxing and comfortable.  EQ bodywork has helped me to bring out all my buried emotions that were so heavy on me and to become aware of them and be in touch with them.  It helped me work on these emotions and get release from them.  All the pains I used to feel, I don't feel them anymore, I feel free and relaxed, my anxiety fear and worry have made a place for confidence in me.  EQ bodywork facilitates the release of blocks in our bodies and helps us to grow to be the person we would want to be. AT.

EQ bodywork has helped me to be more integrated in my emotions.  It is a unique and safe place to be able to get in touch with my repressed emotions/feelings. PH.

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Comment: Expeiences and Feedback 2009

EQ bodywork is a process that helps one to bring out issues that lie hidden within us.  And without talking them out they just are dealt with.  It helped me to forgive those I never thought I could and to learn to heal with my anger.  Trust have openness of mind and heart and relax. RA.

I would recommend EQ bodywork.  It is quite amazing how quickly you can get into dealing with negative emotions which are trapped in your body.  I always thought emotions were in your head, as it is amazing how liberated you become.  When you work on the other areas of the body.  You become more free.  .  It has helped me work on the emotions of sadness and anger and fear connected with grief and has helped to feel emotions, and then I felt that they did not have the same control over me.  I would advise people to the open and relaxed, and let the body be free and open to the therapist and God. FN.

EQ bodywork is a powerful instrument, helping you to release good energy that was blocked by negative and destructive feelings/emotion.  I have come to understand the deeper meaning of the words so many times heard in the EQ bodywork.  ' This stay with it (pain)!' It just helps to be focused on myself not to escape the pain.  Then relief and joy came at the end.  I would say, no resurrection without passion!  So, feel it! ZS.

EQ bodywork helped me to know myself better then to accept myself more and more. Anon.

EQ bodywork is a unique exercise of getting in touch with one's emotional being by paying attention to one's feelings and thought processes.  Very often these deep-seated emotions become locked inside the body, and when they are not attended to, they affect one's behaviour adversely.  By engaging fully in these exercises emotions are unlocked, thought patterns change and one's behaviour changes too because healing takes place.  I now feel much freer and more attentive to my emotions and thoughts.  Be prepared to really live past experiences and feel them in the body where they seem to have inverted, arrested. MH.

Through EQ bodywork, I now know what it means to feel feelings and how important it is to get in touch with one's emotions, and to work through whatever needs to be worked through.  I feel liberated and really enjoy being in close relationship for the first time in my life.  It has enabled me to become more connected, real and true to myself.  I am able to own my feelings deeply feel them and actually I've become more aware of when things are out of order.  When I take time to stay with my feelings and allow myself to feel them, then afterwards, I feel so energised and relieved and I don't remain stuck any more.  EQ bodywork is great, and I was wishing my fellow sisters and even my family members would have an opportunity to go through what I have.  I was dead and have come back to life.  TN.

EQ bodywork can be a slow and painful procedure, the body yields a rich harvest.  I discovered my painful past and why I behaved in the way.  That was not good for me or others.  Blocked emotions relieved enable persons to live in the present. V.

EQ bodywork for my type of personality: more reserved and not easily expressive, it is helpful because it helps me to feel and inwardly look at issues without having to talk! PJ.

I would recommend EQ bodywork, because it is one way of dealing with repressed emotions.  The body responds to stress and negative emotions by storing them in specific parts of the body building up tension in these parts.  As you receive the body work memories may be triggered and emotions can surface, which once acknowledged dissipate.  Through EQ bodywork I have been able to detect some very difficult and painful memories, which if I have not had this chance I would have carried around the resulting in inappropriate behaviours and attitudes.  It is only in feeling emotions, no matter how painful that you find relief.  Whereas before I took my body for granted in terms of communication, now I have learnt to listen to its wisdom. PB.

EQ bodywork is nonthreatening, non-invasive, gentle, and it genuinely helps.  It helped me to get in touch with the pain and emotions locked inside my body, allowing me to feel the pain and let it be released.  I have come to appreciate bodywork very much and much of the physical and emotional pain in my body has been alleviated. GM.

I would recommend EQ bodywork.  It helped me to set me free.  It helped me to go back to my past memories, especially some particular events where I felt sad, depressed rejected and angry.  The EQ bodywork helped me to become released, and more calm and peaceful to go ahead.  PG.

EQ bodywork has helped me deal with my anger and experience more love and joy in my life is also helped me with my grief and loss and made me feel more confident and trusting.  I experienced joy and happiness. ES.

Through my body pains EQ bodywork has helped me to go back to the past experiences and memories to accept them integrate them and take responsibility for my life and physical health.  In my life.  In life we find it difficult to let go.  Perhaps if one is struggling to let go of the past EQ bodywork will help people to let go.  Initially I was sceptic and allowed the destructive critic within me to talk but slowly I let myself go, and also practised it in my room, and I began to see then that it works. Anon.

I would recommend EQ bodywork, and I would say it is important to go into it wholeheartedly.  It really helped me to know how my physical and emotional life all linked, my body pains tell me about my emotions of those who are fearful.  I would say that in neither humiliates nor kills.  It rather feels like bringing one in a full contact/relationship with one's mind heart and body.  It is worth trying! RL.

I am a very thinking person, and in my way.  I lose contact with my body.  I couldn't feel indications from my body.  In EQ bodywork by renewed contact with my body, and now it's joyful contact.  I have a real reconciliation with my body, which became a friend and no more an enemy or a stranger.  I feel comfortable and I get a lot of indications from my body.  I guess it's a part of unity, if you are ready to enter the experiences and try really.  I'm sure it can help you.  I really believe that past emotions which are not integrated are stuck in our body and to clean up its very helpful and is freedom. AD.

EQ bodywork therapy helped me to recognise several blocks in my life.  It also enabled me to develop a good relationship with myself.  And then I can have a good relationship with others.  It helped me to be friendly with myself become more fully human.  And now I am more of a person, as I really choose to be myself. S.

EQ bodywork has helped me to get in touch with hidden memories of hurts, anger, bereavement fears of past painful experience that I thought I had dealt with.  But now I realise that they were only repressed and come up in anger and aggression.  Since I started believing in bodywork, I have been able to deal with my anger, fear and bereavement.  I also became able to share this.  I have found this process, freeing and liberating and have regained inner peace more than before.  EQ bodywork has helped me to open up, to share deeply, my inner hurts.  My fears have reduced since I became aware of the source of them.  I can cope better now with my anger fears and impatience and am more in control of my anger and fear and deal with it constructively. AO.

I would recommend EQ bodywork by saying that it helps one to meet blocks in one's life, which prevent growth.  It helps one to recognise emotions in one's body.  It assists one to relax.  It facilitates integration in one's self, and his/her life.  It has helped me to deal with repressed emotions, to assist with my physical pain.  It has freed me to talk about my painful moments in my life and helped me to remember my past experience freeing me from painful memories.  I would encourage others to embrace EQ bodywork, because it has freed and liberated me. AM.

I would encourage EQ bodywork, I feel it enhances general well-being.  Being grounded and rooted emotionally as EQ bodywork provides.  It enables one to deal with emotions constructively.  This in turn improves intra and inter-personal relationship, and good relationship and communication.  EQ bodywork has helped me to open my world of emotions to deal with healing emotional hurts and wounds and heal physical pain/stroke symptoms associated with them. MO.

EQ bodywork has helped me to be in touch with my emotions, by being open, relaxed and listen to what is going on in my body, that is feelings, memories, emotions, pains and tensions.  It was not easy at the beginning, because I was not aware of all these but now I am aware of the results and I love it. ML.

I would recommend EQ bodywork by saying that it is a therapy, which improves emotional health through relaxation of the body and activation of the deep emotions on the surface.  The benefit of this is that you will become released and can name and face these emotions for good.  You will be able to talk openly about the repressed emotions with confidence.  It will help others because, as human beings we all need to improve our emotional health.  We need to release ourselves from the repressive and negative feelings.  I had fear about it but I learned to befriend it.  I see more of the profit or benefit, it gives me for my health and balance.  The pain contributes to the healing and the releasing process.  If you are afraid or do not believe in it.  I encourage you to just start and you will like it, you won't regret it. BA.

EQ bodywork has helped me to be aware or in touch with my own feelings and to own them, instead of blaming others.  It has helped me to become a detached observer of my own behaviour.  This has helped me to be fair, in my self judgement or my reactions and dealings with others.  EQ bodywork will help people to bring to the surface their repressed emotions and address the unresolved issues connected with those feelings and emotions.  It will help them to begin to live more healthily. Anon.

I would recommend EQ bodywork.  I believe it can remove the blocks and energy.  I think it is important for the recipient to be receptive, open and as focused as possible.  I feel softness within me, male and a more harmonious flow of energy. AB.

EQ bodywork is a tool that helps us to experience feelings and emotions that we are holding in ourselves.  It is precisely these feelings and emotions kept in us that make our lives more difficult and our health weaker EQ bodywork if the person gets involved they can become a new person because they clean out the old feeling and emotion and start to live fully in the present time.  EQ bodywork helped me in many different ways.  I got in touch with old realities and feelings and allow them to come to the surface and get out of my body.  I had a good amount of anger and I can see now it is not in me anymore, and I feel much better and easier in relationships with others, and especially with myself.  I can say that the bodywork helped me to find peace and joy to be in myself, because the old heavy feelings are gone and now I can look in my memories and consider them my own assets.  I think EQ bodywork is a unique way to allow the person to come to the acceptance of self.  Out of all the many difficulties in life.  I would say to others.  Just give time and trust, what you cannot understand in the beginning, you will understand on the way, doing it and experiencing it as a real way to make yourself free. RS.

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