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We offer seven-day workshops; they are enriching and life-giving.
Workshops are fun but they can be painful.
You receive 20 individual sessions.
They are by the sea with good walks and beautiful beaches.
They are powerful, yet gentle.
They are shared, supportive and encouraging.
You learn to help others.

Why not try our workshop?  Or the first few days?

Workshops are from 9am till 6.30pm for 6 days and until1pm the last day. You will receive at least 18 hours of therapy for yourself.

We charge  £560 which includes full board and lodging in ensuite accommodation.

Dates of Coming Workshops:


19th - 25th October 2014 inc



25th - 31st January 2015 inc
10th - 16th May 2015 inc
26th July - 1st August 2015 inc
18th - 24th October 2015 inc


The workshops are residential with simple ensuite facilities and excellent simple home cooked meals provided.  There is also the opportunity to be non-resident for those who prefer.

Shorter workshops.
If you have not the time for the seven day workshop why not consider one of the following?

One day taster day;  The first day of the workshop.

Three or four days;  The first three or four days of the workshop or if it's your second time you may choose the last four days.





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